Release Notes - VUE 2.3.1

VUE is a desktop concept and content mapping application. It enables users to graphically represent relationships among ideas, images, digital assets, and documents. These items can be located locally or remotely.

What's new in 2.3.1?
  • Layers
  • Additional Resource Plug-ins such as YouTube and NewYork Times Archives
  • Depth of Selection
  • Map-Based Searching
  • Semi-automatic mapping (supports CSV files and basic clustering)
  • Localization is well under way. VUE is now available in French, Spanish, Hungarian and Russian
  • Searches can be saved
  • Enhanced Interactive Web Graphic

Installation Instructions

VUE 2.3.1 is distributed in three forms based on operating systems.

For Microsoft Windows
The current VUE distribution for Microsoft Windows is provided as a Nullsoft installer. Earlier versions of VUE were created by Installanywhere. We recommend that you uninstall the earlier version of VUE and then simply run the new installer executable to install VUE. If you encounter any problems please post it on the : VUE Forum

For Mac OS-X
The VUE distribution for OS-X is provided as an application bundle. After downloading and extracting the zip file, simply drag to your applications folder to install VUE.

For Linux/Unix
The VUE distribution for Linux/Unix is provided as a jar contained in a zip file. Simply extract the VUE.jar to a convenient location on your system. It is also distributed as a bin file, which is an executable installer, run this program and follow the instructions to install VUE.

In the Terminal, type each of these commands, following each by pressing the "return" key:
cd /<path where you downloaded vue.bin>/vue.bin
chmod a+x ./vue.bin
sudo ./vue.bin

Linux users may need to install a different Java runtime package on your system. Run java \-version in a terminal window. If it reports that "gij (GNU libgcj) ..."is installed, you are running GNU Java. The GNU Java libraries don't currently offer sufficient graphics support to run VUE. While it's outside the scope of this document to provide instructions for installing Java support on Linux/Unix, Sun Microsystems makes Java runtime environments freely available on its website: If you do not wish to install Java yourself, use the bin installer which comes pre-packaged with a JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

The /Library/OsidProviders directory doesn't exist by default on Linux/Unix systems; you will need to create this directory and set its permissions. This directory supports the "Enhanced Data Sources" feature. If you won't use this feature, you don't need to create the directory.

The ability to make these changes to your system requires system access privileges that you may not have. The following instructions presume you have root access to your system.
1. Open the terminal application
2. enter this command to create the directory:
sudo mkdir -p -m 775 /Library
sudo chown user:group /Library

* The system will probably prompt you for the root password

If you are running a VUE 1.5 version, we recommend flushing your installed data sources before installing the VUE 2.2 release. See the topic in Troubleshooting below for instructions.


Due to a known Java issue we can only fully support VUE on Java 5 in linux:;jsessionid=115732a10179b3ffffffffe0dbbb1213eb899?bug_id=6396599

Known Issues & Tips

If you encounter problems with VUE, please inform us by posting them to our forums section. You can also email us directly at, though we recommend the forums because more people will see the issue, increasing the pool of potential responders. Posting issues to the forums also builds the body of information available to the VUE user community.

  • VUE 2.2 files are not yet fully compatible with earlier versions of VUE. This most directly impacts the positioning of "grouped" objects. It is recommended that changes made to older maps with VUE 2.2 be saved under a new file name.
  • Images acquired from online resources cannot be viewed reliably without Internet connectivity.
  • Due to a known JVM 1.5 bug some dual-monitor configurations result in crashes within VUE
  • Configuration information for resources may get corrupted. You can change it by double clicking the resource.
  • Dropping an image onto an existing image within the Slide Viewer will result in the creation of a nested node. If you would like only to add the resource -- the image alone -- drop the image adjacent to existing slide resources.
  • Use the Save As > VPK (VUE Package) option for sharing VUE maps along with embedded, local files.
  • Based on user feedback the VUE menus have changed to facilitate access to all VUE tools and windows.


Some problems with loading resources can be solved by removing and reinstalling your resources.

Instructions for Removing Installed Resources
Installed resources and their configuration are stored in two locations in your local file system. The names of these directories differ depending on your operating system.

For Windows
Following these steps will delete all your resources and their associated configuration information. You will have to re-enter access keys and passwords just as you did when you first added the resources.

Step 1: Removing resources
Individual resources are stored under the C:\Library\OsidProviders directory.

Delete the C:\Library\OsidProviders directory.

Step 2: Removing configuration information
Configuration information is stored in the vue_2 directory in your home directory, usually C:\Documents and Settings\<YourUsername>\vue_2.

Delete these files in your C:\Documents and Settings\<YourUsername>\vue_2 directory:



For OS-X
Following these steps will delete all your resources and their associated configuration information. You will have to re-enter access keys and passwords just as you did when you first added the resources.

Step 1: Removing resources
Resources are stored under the /Library/OsidProviders directory.

Navigate to and delete the /Library/OsidProviders directory. (Mac users can find this folder in their Finder under Macintosh HD)

Step 2: Removing configuration information 
Configuration information is stored in your ~/.vue_2 directory. Since the directory name begins with a period, you will have to open the Terminal application to delete these files. (The Finder doesn't display items that start with a period.)

Open the Terminal application by opening Finder and navigating to Applications/Utilities.

Double click Terminal to open the application.

In the Terminal, type each of these commands, following each by pressing the "return" key.

rm ~/.vue_2/InstalledDatasources.xml
rm ~/.vue_2/Datasources.xml

For Linux
If you have problems installing resources or saving preferences, you may need to run VUE with the sudo command: If you installed with the .bin installer: sudo ./vue otherwise: sudo java -jar VUE.jar


Please post your comments on VUE 2.3.1 on the VUE Forum or send them to

Issues addressed in this release:

May 6, 2009 / VUE 2.3.1

Issues Resolved in VUE 2.3.1

VUE-1415 VUE won't work in any unspecified locale

VUE-1414 VUE does't save modified documents on Win32

Issues Resolved in VUE 2.3

VUE-1410 VUE Preferences: doesn't work in languages other than English
VUE-1405 Translation: Russian file doesn't work
VUE-1402 missing text: Add new pathway - cancel button is blank
VUE-1400 English string: Info Window
VUE-1388 Edit Caterogies: Can no longer add categories in this window.
VUE-1387 missing text: Edit Categories button
VUE-1374 Windows platform: rename Quit to Exit.

VUE-1358 Search: Add a little space below the Save/Reset Map/Search buttons
VUE-1357 Search: Enter should trigger query
VUE-1355 PDF Export Leaves out foreign characters

VUE-1336 Resources window: slips behind map
VUE-1335 layers: numbering of objects on each layer
VUE-1334 when saving map as png > do not draw outline around map
VUE-1331 Layers Window table goes blank when opening map
VUE-1330 Task list for Layers window
VUE-1327 Search toolbar: Gray out the text Search: Everywhere
VUE-1325 Layer hide/show action does not trigger main panel refresh
VUE-1323 Info window layout: align= top
VUE-1319 depending on view: have either slider/search (map view) or the return to map button (slide edit view)
VUE-1318 return to map button: got too big
VUE-1314 search box: cannot do 2 consecutive searches
VUE-1313 search window: vertical alignment should be at the top of the window, and not center
VUE-1308 search window: GUI for and/or drop down should match comp
VUE-1305 search box: cannot uncheck edit search settings from menu
VUE-1304 search box in toolbar: when hitting return to launch search, it now opens the search window instead
VUE-1302 Save Search tab: single click on run to run search
VUE-1298 If no maps are open: disable Save, Save as... in the menu
VUE-1297 VPK: doesn't show under Open Recent
VUE-1293 display extension in "save as" window
VUE-1292 Rolling the mouse over the VUE tool bar should change the cursor back to pointer.
VUE-1288 replace lock icons
VUE-1284 Change following labels to class: LabelFace
VUE-1283 Layers: when deleting a layer, focus should go to layer immediately below
VUE-1282 layers: when duplicating a layer, place new layer immediately above active layer
VUE-1281 Panner window: bug when rolling over menu (upper right corner) **MAC ONLY**
VUE-1280 HTML output background image needs single quotes
VUE-1277 Saved search: add reset map to right-click menu
VUE-1276 Search: Link the search type between the search box and the search window
VUE-1275 Search box in toolbar: Place a check next to edit search settings only when the search window is open
VUE-1273 Run a Saved Search: single click if row already has focus
VUE-1271 Search box in toolbar: select all works intermittently (r-click menu)
VUE-1270 Search box in toolbar: make sure cursor changes to pointer when over a clickable object
VUE-1269 Search box in toolbar: Add a rollover to the Search button
VUE-1268 Search box in toolbar: Add Clear Map to r-click menu
VUE-1267 Trigger search (search box in toolbar) with the return / enter key
VUE-1266 The triangle in the left side of the search box does not repond to left-clicks in Windows
VUE-1265 Reduce the width of the toolbar search box
VUE-1264 Depth of selection slider: make slider snap at given increments.
VUE-1263 GUI Tweak: formatting palette > move text color
VUE-1262 GUI Tweak: New release available window
VUE-1260 Fix the New Pathways window to match the new Save Search window
VUE-1256 save search
VUE-1254 Implement a file chooser when adding a data set
VUE-1247 options button: remove one of the >
VUE-1245 Pathways: when collapsing the pathways window, the top tab gets wider
VUE-1243 GUI: blue button - doesn't paint properly
VUE-1242 GUI: Resources tab broke
VUE-1241 Search window does not paint properly
VUE-1231 copy and paste from one map into another seems broken
VUE-1230 Mac 10.5.5: Search window goes behind map
VUE-1229 FIt in Window : broken
VUE-1224 Unicode characters dissapear in PDFs produced by Save As
VUE-1223 Imagemap export -- URL tooltip size too small
VUE-1222 second node in group does not get proper tooltip in html export
VUE-1221 tooltips not visible for html export -- child nodes
VUE-1214 Interactive frame on map: add to r-click menu Arrange
VUE-1213 feedback link broken in help menu
VUE-1206 Help -> User Guide menu link invalid
VUE-1205 Registration form on web site should verify e-mail addresses (important for scalability!)
VUE-1194 Improvements to the VUE users forum
VUE-1161 Publish > change zip bundle to VUE package (vpk)
VUE-1157 Interactive Web Graphic: target area should be the node
VUE-1120 Align text menu
VUE-1112 Show / Hide link labels
VUE-995 Search: save filters
VUE-937 PDF with links for viewing online
VUE-914 add global scrollbar to Search window
VUE-707 Test VUE on VIsta / crashes when printing - Vista