I can't email a VUE map
Email clients will often render VUE maps as inline text in your email message instead of as an attachment. To avoid that, you can either save your map as a "vpk" (in VUE) or compress it as a "zip" or "sit" file with a third party software.

How do I upload an Interactive Web Graphic map to a wiki?

Watch video (3:50mins)

When saving a VUE map as an Interactive Web Graphic, two files are created: one HTML file and one PNG file (image). We will demonstrate how to modify the HTML code to make the map available in a wiki (The wiki tool used here is Confluence).

How do I place an image as a background image on my map?

Watch video (1:36mins)

Using the Special Select tool, and the Layers window, an image can be added as a background image.

How do I incorporate a VUE map or PDF handouts in a MS Word document?

VUE MAP: With your map opened in VUE, do File -> "Save As" and select JPEG or PNG for the filetype. Then add the image to your Microsoft word document as you would with any other images. Alternatively, you could save your map as PDF, open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional, and convert it to a Microsoft Word document there.

HANDOUTS: Handouts are saved as PDFs, which you can then import in MS Word.

Step 1: (VUE) File > Export Handouts and Notes

Step 2: (Adobe Acrobat Professional) File > Export > Word Document