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VUE Translation Project


Over the years, we have heard many requests to translate VUE into different languages. VUE users have volunteered, from around the world, to make this a reality.


Language Status
French VUE 3.1.1
Italian VUE 3.1.1
Spanish VUE 3.2.2
German VUE 3.1.1
Russian VUE 3.1.1
Bulgarian VUE 3.0 beta
Hungarian VUE 3.0
Greek VUE 3.1.1
Chinese VUE 3.1.1
Portuguese VUE 3.1.1
Slovak VUE 3.1.1
Brazilian Portuguese VUE 3.1.1
Romanian VUE 3.1.1
Czech VUE 3.1.1
Japanese VUE 3.1.1


The VUE 3 user guide is ready for translation.
If you would like to help translate the VUE interface or user guide, please contact us.