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Featured Maps

Patrick Szucs explains the use as a Tool for the Construction of Narrative.


Eva Gladek of Except Integrated Systainability uses VUE to create system maps, read more about how they use VUE here. To learn more about Except, visit Category: Sustainability Research


Tufts University Open Educational Resources (OER) Tufts University has been a leader in the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement, particularly in the health sciences. VUE was used to create a visual representation of the Tufts OER network on multiple levels, reflecting the diversity of users, open content, tools, and modes of learning. To learn more about Tufts’ OER, visit Category: OCR, Administrative


Chris Ray wrote a powerful description on how VUE has helped him become a more efficient learner. Read Chris' entry "Notes v. Maps: Trading Quantity for Quality – Chris Ray" from the University of Waterloo's Centre for Teaching Excellence Blog.- Category: Learning Tool, Student


K. Bender has been using VUE maps to represent TIZIANO's Venus with the Musician, (masterworks and their successors), and WATTEAU's Embarquement pour Cythère (masterworks, their predecessors and their successors) - Category: Art History

Professor Rémi Bachelet, from l'Ecole Centrale de Lille in France, has been encouraging his students to use VUE to help them learn about Project Management. See examples of his students' work - Category: Project Management. Note: the webpage and the VUE maps are in French..




VUE Map Examples

This map was created to demonstrate VUE's image
support and the use of pathways for presentation purposes. Download this VUE Map here: Manet-Overview map

Download this VUE Map here: Mars Phoenix map

Download this VUE Map here:

This map was created to demonstrate VUE's packaging capability, it is a VUE map encapsulated in a VUE VPK File. Download this VUE Map here: BostonTMapVPK.vpk


Blogs, Reviews and more

VUE Blog

Welcome, the intent of this blog is to pass along tips and information on using VUE to current users, potential users, and anyone else who is interested in the software.

ED697 - Open Source Education: Software Review #3: VUE (Visual Understanding Environment)

"In about fifteen minutes, I was able to make a simple map including nodes, links, and labels for each. I then ‘played’ the map as a presentation and discovered the richness of VUE as a presentation tool.... "