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The "Gallery" section is new to our website. We hope to build a strong VUE community of users and thinkers. We need your help in creating a stimulating gallery area, showcasing your uses of VUE. Let us know about your maps and stories, and we will post them on this page.

Featured Maps

Narrative Construction

Patrick Szucs explains the use as a Tool for the Construction of Narrative.

VUE Maps at Except

Eva Gladek of Except Integrated Systainability uses VUE to create system maps, read more about how they use VUE here. To learn more about Except, visit Learn more about how they use VUE.


K. Bender has been using VUE maps to represent TIZIANO's Venus with the Musician, (masterworks and their successors), and WATTEAU's Embarquement pour Cythère (masterworks, their predecessors and their successors)

Project Management

Professor Rémi Bachelet, from l'Ecole Centrale de Lille in France, has been encouraging his students to use VUE to help them learn about Project Management. See examples of his students' work.